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March 05, 2007

Freelance Work

People often wonder where freelance writers like me find our work from. Well, a slightly complicated story actually. Of course, there's personal contacts and the longer you stay in the business the more of those you have.

But unless you're extremely lucky that's not actually enough, certainly when you're starting out. That's what makes marketplaces like elance.com so useful. It's a huge market, where you can buy or offer just about any services you wish, from cold calling and telemarketing to copywriting and editing. Perhaps the biggest section is to do with programming, something that can be quite easy to offshore and co ordinate with people on hte other side of the world. But there's also a large section dealing with writing and I have to say that I've picked up some very attractive projects from there over the years.

Well worth checking out whether you're interested in buying or selling such services.

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