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March 05, 2007

Freelance Illustrators

So, if you were looking for freelance illustrators, where would you start searching? I guess you could simply try Google but that's going to take you all over the place.

What you really want is  marketplace, where freelancers offer up their services and buyers of them can scroll though those offers and their portfolios to see what they're like.

Fortunately, such a market place exists at elance.com. Just click through the link at the top to go there.

Of course, it's not only illustrators who offer their services there. There are freelancers of every type and you can buy or sell all sorts of things there, from cold calling and telemarketing services to copy editing, article writing, illustrations and software design. It's an absolutely huge place actually, and can be extremely useul: I've picked up some very nice pieces of work from it.

Well worth checking out whether you're a buyer or a seller.

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