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March 05, 2007

Britney Spears Suicide Attempt

It appears that Britney Spears made a suicide attempt last week. I'm normally entirely happy to mock Britney but when it gets to things this serious my glee at being able to make fun of her rather dies

The British tabloid press reported that last Saturday Britney Spears, was running around the luxurious Promises Clinic in Malibu, California, with the number 666 written on her bald head. "She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Antichrist!'", NewsoftheWorld reported.

"Later that night she tried to kill herself," a "friend" told NOTW. "She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt."

"The clinic people just didn't know what to do [when she ran around claiming she's the Antichrist]. Then she started screaming, ‘I'm a fake! I'm a fake!' It must have been really frightening."

"When she tried to hang herself it was more a cry for help."

Reportedly, Kevin's visit in rehab has a response to her desperate cry for help. Federline visited her in rehab with their two children and apparently pledged to support her until she gets her stuff right.

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