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February 28, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

One of the things that might surprise you is that there is an easy way to work out who is migrating where in the USA. You look at the prices of U Haul trucks. You see, these are normally one way rentals. So if there are a lot of people leaving somewhere, then the price will be high to leave: if there are a lot of people going somewhere, then that price will be high. The reason being that the U Haul company then has to work out a way of getting those trucks back from hte place everyone is going to get them to where people are leaving from.

Places like Flint Michigan have very low prices to go to and very high prices to leave from: because so many are leaving.

One of the highest price places to go is Las Vegas because so many are going there. This obviously has implications for Las Vegas Real Estate because if more people are moving there than leaving, then demand is going up.

The reasons to move there are of course much more than just the Strip iteself. Jobs are plentiful, tourism is making the place boom. There's also the wonderful high desert climate to enjoy.

But you can check this out really easily. Just go to U Haul and compare the prices between moving to Las Vegas and moving from it. You'll see that the place is still booming.

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