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February 28, 2007

Park At My House

Here's one of the great ideas of recent times I think. I've vaguely heard about them already, but now I've found their site and can see what they're doing. They're here and they can help you to Rent your parking space.

That's it, it sounds so simple, and in fact it is really. There's an awful lot of us in the UK who have a spare parking space: it might be because we take our own car off to work ourselves, or because the car stays in the garage or whatever. But if we do, then this service enables you to find those who would like to rent that space. Similarly, if you need a space near work, or a station perhaps, then you can use it to find some private individual who is willing to rent their space to you.

It's an excellent way of allocating a scarce resource, parking space, and a great use of the net to enable people to do so.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that these guys make a fortune.


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