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October 29, 2006

Some Speech Eh?

Imagine: you're a mid-level bureaucrat, you go off to a speech given by the President.

In the middle of the speech he breaks off, points at you, calls you corrupt and you get arrested. Sounds like something out of a cheese fuelled nightmare, doesn't it?

Speaking in the port city of Buenaventura, Uribe accused the city mayor's secretary of trying to get a naval officer to hand over a captured stash of cocaine and ordered police to detain the shocked official sitting in front of him.


"You are unworthy to carry out your duties," Uribe said wagging his finger as two plainclothes officers escorted the official out of the hall. "The government cannot do battle when someone in a position as important as yours lacks patriotism."

I wonder what went through the guy's mind? Oh shit, they've got me? Or, that Quattro Formaggi just before bedtime was a bad idea,eh?

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