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October 07, 2006

Mr.Collins Oforma

Fairly standard 419 scam.

There is no special bank account, there is no pile of money.

You will probably find that the named person did die in that plane crash, but that's the only true thing about it.

If you respond you will be asked to pay various fees and costs to try and get the money out. Bribes, legal fees, travel, and if you pay one they'll simply ask for another.

The criminals will simply keep this money and you will never receive anything.

Ignore it.

From Mr.Collins Oforma,
Manager Credit and foreign Bills
ECO BANK Lome Togo
West Africa

Dear Friend,

         With due honour and respect,I am Mr.Collins Oforma,the
Manager Credit and Foreign Bills of ECO Bank Lome Togo (ECB).

We had a foreign customer Mr Arthur Smith of America who Deposited a
huge sum of money, Twelve million six hundred thousand united states
dollars (US$12.6million) with account number 14-255-1992/ecb/t with our
Bank.Eventually,this customer was among the victims of EGYPT AIR BOEING
767 FLIGHT NO.990 that crashed on the 31th of October 1999 in U.S.A
but, since the demise of Mr Smith, we have not had any body coming for
the claims as the next of kin. A sitaution I have monitored closely
with keen interest and with my position in the Bank.
Now, having monitored this deposit and managed it over the years
before his death, and hence nobody has showed up as the next of kin for
the past five years plus, I have removed the file to my private vault.

I now solicit for your assistance to present you as the next of kin as
every other arrangement has being concluded by me and I am only waiting
for a foreigner to enable me move the fund to his designated nominated
foreign bank account in his country. This does not have any risk
attached to it as all the internal documentations will be handled by

I have agreed to share this money with you in the ratio of 10%:30%:60%
my dear 10% of the total sum will be used to pay back all the incurred
expenses in the course of the transaction and 30% is compensation of
your assistance while 60% is for my investment under your supervision
in your country.Therefore, on receipt of your positive response, we
shall then discuss or manifesto for transfer modalities . I have all
necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for

To prove to you how authentic this great opportunity mean to I and you,
I hereby assure you that if we do not have this fund lifted in 10 days
time upon the day of application,then withdraw from this transaction.

Please for our subsiquent communication and contacts kindly send me
the following when replying :

Your private mobile number.........
contact address.........................
your real name..........................
Fax number

You shall also open an empty/blank Bank account which shall have no
money on it to avoid conflict between I and you,this is where this fund
shall be transfered into.
Your urgent assistance is needed.I awaits  your urgent reply.
God bless!

Best Regards,

Mr.Collins Oforma,

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