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October 21, 2006

Kayode Martin

Now this is something a little unusual. An actually clever scam that comes through the email.

Forget all the dressing up of it for a moment and look at the main point. He will send you money orders and cashier's checks, you put them through your bank account and get the money. You take 10% to keep for yourself and then send the 90% to him by wire transfer. It sounds good, doesn't it?

There's two possibilities here:

1) The money orders and cashier's checks are in fact money stolen from people in another scam. You are being used to launder this money.

2) Much more likely is that the checks themselves will be fake. But, you say, my bank won't give me the money on a fake check, will they? Surely if the money is credited to my account then the check has cleared?

Ah, no. US banks usually credit your account within 48 hours of you depositing a check. But it can take 6 or more weeks (especially with international checks) for it to actually clear.

So what happens is that you deposit the fake check, the bank credits your account, you take 90% of the money and wire it to the criminal.

6 weeks later, your bank comes to you and says that the check didn't clear. Can we have our money back please?

At that point, you're screwed, aren't you?

Ignore this fraud.

         Part time Job Offer

My name is Kayode Martin. I just came about your email address through an email listing affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce and I would be very interested in offering you a part-time paying job in which you could earn allot without quitting your present Job or having problem with your employers.

I am a man with 4 kids all boys and the love of my life, my wife. I am a some what multitalented man and I do quite a lot of traveling and get to meet quite a lot of people.

I just resigned my job as a research scientist for ARINI (Agricultural research Institute of Northern Ireland ) but I still work as a freelance consultant for the institute which gives me very much time to do my own work which is basically being a freelance researcher who could be employed by research institutes to do research
projects anywhere in the world.

I reside in Ireland, Dublin even though I have lived most of my life in other parts of the world, I am fully residing in Ireland. Presently, I have just been granted a funding to head a research project in the tropical regions of West Africa regarding rare and vulnerable plant species and this would be commencing very soon.

However my funding were by my American counterparts who send me the bunch of payments mostly in US based money orders. Getting an accountant in the states or opening an account would have been my best choice but I have a deadline to meet and taking any of those choices would cost me time and a whole lot of other requirements. I am not ready to deal with, as I would be traveling a lot in the meantime.

So presently, assuming you would be able to deal with cash, I would be willing to employ you on contract basis to be my payment representative back in the states, this way I could issue and make payments in form of Money Orders, Cashier's Check, etc out to you, you could then cash them easily, withdraw 10% of the total amount on these payment instruments as your commission and then send the rest back to me through wire transfer.

Please, bear it in mind that we would be dealing with quite a handful of cash and you a could be making up to $5000 just working with me in a short period of time within 1-2 weeks.

I would be glad if you accept my proposal and I intend to commence on starting as soon as you are ready. If you are interested, please email me back so we could make concluding arrangements.

Thank You

Kayode Martin

Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland

Hillsborough, Ireland BT26 6DR

+44 7031910655


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State: ..................
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Contact phone number(s): ..
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