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October 16, 2006

Frank van Baarsel

Standard 419 scam.

there is no money, there is no special account and there is most certainly no pile of cash in a security company.

You will be asked to pay some of the expenses in advance. Flights perhaps, or legal fees, or bribes, and if you send any money the criminals will simply keep it.

Nothing will ever be sent to you.

Worth looking at their justification there.They say that th law doesn't allow an official to have a foreign bank account. Well, maybe, but the law also doesn't allow you to steal tens of millions of dollars. They did that, so why the problem over a bank account?

Ignore it, it's a fake, a fraud.

I am Mr. Frank van Baarsel, I work as the capital projects manager (PetroSA) in South Africa’s oil producing company the Sable Mining Company, i am writing to introduce a partnership business to you which is in my hand and ready for execution since my chief executive officer has entrusted me with this huge business transaction to source for a trust worthy and reliable business man who can partner with us in this business endeavour which is of mutual benefit and 100% risk free since we have all modalities fashioned out to have this business completed without any hitch.

You can learn more about South Africa’s oil producing here.


There is an over invoiced funds in the tune of 13million usd and 56million respectively, which is floating in our companies account as i write you this mail and this funds are an over invoiced funds from 2 major oil supplies sold to some local refineries such as BP and Shell , after a careful look on how we can transfer this funds out of south Africa without any problem we decided to employ the use of a Diplomat who conveyed the funds in consignment directly to an independent security firm in Europe and Canada for safe keeping until we are able to find a sincere and reputable individual who can handle such funds and transfer it to his account before we shall share the funds in the percentage which we will agree upon.

I and my partner have concluded agreed and to give you 20% for your assistance and to cover for any expenses that you may incur during the course of this transaction since you may need to travel to met with the security firm in person for the release and claims of the funds in cash and the remaining 80% will be for me and my partner as the originator of this business transaction.

Furthermore i solicit your assistance in receiving this funds in your name or company name since me or my partner can not receive this funds in our names as the laws of this country restricts any government official to hold a foreign account or have such an amount in his local account since it is not defendable, you will agree with me that no government official is expected to have such a huge amount in his account.

Subject to my satisfaction, I will urge you to portray a very high level of confidentiality in this business due to its nature since we are still in active service.

Do get back to me on your sincere abilities of in this business to enable me bring you to a clearer picture on how we would commence with this business as i have already scheduled that this business be completed within a short period of time if we work together seriously.

With due respect sir, kindly reply me on this email address below frankbaarsel@mail.md


Mr.Frank van Baarsel

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