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October 24, 2006

Cow Cabs

I'm one of these people that is consistently astonished by the ingenuity of the human species. Don't forget, Julian Simon pointed out that such ingenuity is in fact the ultimate resource.

So, if you're a Cilean cab driver who is always having his cab car-jacked, what do you do?  Make it so conspicuous that no one would ever dream of trying to steal it:

After being robbed several times, Juan Geraldo upholstered and covered every square inch of his car's interior with black and white spotted cowhides, including the steering wheel and ceiling. He then decorated the interior with stuffed toy cows, and added a horn that moos.

The visual effect is even more impressive at night, when the black and white taxi interior is set off from floor to ceiling by a flood of neon light.

"The effect was immediate. They haven't robbed me since," said Geraldo, who said the special effects also brought in more clientele and allowed him to expand his cab fleet from one car to nine.

This leads to a slightly odd thought: is this why pimpmobiles are so outrageously decorated? To warn people?

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