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August 01, 2006

Pet Strollers

I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve yet seen. Markets in everything as Marginal Revolution keeps telling us.

So, you get a pet, a dog or something, to keep you company on your walks to the park and so on. But what happens if you want to go for a longer walk than the dog is comfortable with? Perhaps you’ve got a small dog and you really feel like stretching your legs?

Or maybe the dog was fine for years but now has hip problems, or arthritis (which many breeds, like Labradors, are prone to)?

What’s the solution?  Pet strollers of course! Looking a little like push chairs for babies, they’re made in all sorts of sizes, suitable for kittens, for larger older dogs, for small dogs and so on, even in all terrain versions so you can take them out on the trails.

I think these are one of the most amazing inventions, truly evidence that capitalism has no bounds!

Pet Strollers

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