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August 02, 2006


The second largest killer of people in the developed world is heart disease. The largest, of course, is tobacco (and in the developing world the lung cancer rates are driven by wood and charcoal based cooking fires) but as smoking rates are declining then heart disease is rapidly catching up.

So what is it that we can do to lower our own risks of heart disease? One of the chemicals within the body that has been shown to be responsible for much heart disease is cholesterol.There are various forms of this, both good and bad, the bad type aiding to furr up the insides of your arteries. It is this furring up, that when the artery becomes narrowed causes angina and when it becomes completely blocked, kills you via a heart attack. So, a low cholesterol count is a good thing to be aiming for.

Excellent, now, the question becomes, exactly how do we lower our cholesterol count? A change in diet is often recommended but there are arguments about the effectiveness of this. While we might reduce the amount we eat it isn’t quite true that this passes directly through into the blood stream.

Exercise is known to help greatly. A proper regime (30 minutes aerobic exercise three times a week) can and will lower the levels. This doesn’t have to be too excessive: a brisk walk is enough.

There are also a number of prescription drugs that can be used, statins being currently the most popular. These are probably best reserved for those with grossly elevated levels: like all such powerful drugs there are side effects.

For those who wish to simply lower their levels, attention to diet, yes, exercise, yes, and then there are a number of all natural remedies that can be used, like Cholestapro.

Containing plant sterols (which have been shown in FDA studies to reduce cholesterol levels by up to 24 %) Cholestapro can be made part of a heart-healthy living alternative.

Very much worth checking out.


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