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July 07, 2006


I’ve worked out of home offices, out of large corporations and also out of small office suites. As I’m a serial entrepreneur (that’s serial, meaning one after the other, not cereal, meaning breakfast) I’ve done this many times. You have an idea, play around on the kitchen table with it, use the study to get things moving, then at some point you need to move out of the house so that you can actually concentrate on things properly.

That’s when the horrors occur. You go see a real estate agent and of course they just want to sell you what they have. And of course, you don’t actually need 20,000 sqaure feet of industrial space. What you actually want is an office away from the dog and the children, perhaps with a shared cofsfee machine outside. Those sort of deal seem to move around by word of mouth, not through the normal commercial channels.

Well, until now, anyway. Someone has gone and done it (ain’t teh internets great?) and produced a search engine of exactly those small and shared office spaces around the country. Worth having a look at if you’re wondering how you can keep working over the summer while the kids are home all day!


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