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December 07, 2005

Heath Murray

This is actually at least a little bit clever. Still horrible, but as I say, at least some thought has gone into it.

Heath Murray <[email protected]>


Your current position has been appraised to the compulsory boards, and upon precise thought, we are able to present to you the ensuing prospect.

Based upon precise thought you are eligible to acquire a attractive benefit on your first property investment.

By completing the ensuing attached form in a timely manner we will be able to tie up our review, and we feel firm you will acquire not only a lower rate of interest, but also a cash return that will implement all your holiday needs and more!

Please go here to tie up this juncture of the contract.

Wishing you all the best over the holiday period,

Heath Murray

When you click through you’re asked if you’d like to ask for a mortgage quotation. If you look at the small print you’re being asked to take yourself off the no call list, thus giving written permission for anyone they sell the list to to contact you.

My suggestion would be that only those people who live outside the US do so. They’ll waste a fortune on phone calls and won’t be able to sell you anything anyway.

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