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September 26, 2010

Where to play bingo online

The poor old bingo halls are getting it in the neck from all sides at the moment, aren't they? First there's the usual drop off in attendance as we enter that delightful thing, the British winter. Then there's the way that the smoking ban has meant that huge numbers simply prefer to go elsewhere: wlesewhere meaning at home. And then there's the rise of all the things you can do on the internet, like bingo scratch cards instead.

Getting killed from three sides, eh? And things like bingo scratch cards show why it's only going to get worse for the traditional bingo halls as well. Precisely because you've not got a large number of people all in the same place, expecting the same thing, it's a great deal easier to innovate. And that innovation is indeed what's happening online here. New games with new ways of playing. And not needing to go out into the rain and being able to sit at home with a bottle and ashtray as well, obviously.

I know you don't come here for investment advice but we can see that innovations like this, these bingo scratch cards online for example, mean that the traditional bingio hall is never going to get back on its feet. The whole market has simply moved on: no longer is it necessary, if looking for a gentle and anjoyable gamble, to struggle out into the night and fight through the crowds. It can all be done from home. And while there are those who might like the get together part of it all, the online sites all provide the usual social networking, meaning that you can chat away while playing anyway.

So even though you don't come here for investment advice, if you're still holding shares in any of the old style bingo places: sell 'em for what you can get for 'em.

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