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September 29, 2010

Those silly bingo sites

As Paul McCartney didn't once write, all those silly bingo sites out there. But actually, not all that silly really.

Bingo was a huge post WWII change in British life. The game itself was older than that of course but it spread like wildfire in the early 50s as fir the first time the working population had a bit of disposable income and wanted to spend it on something other than just pubs. The men seemed happy enough just with hte pubs but the women, who had some of this newly disposable income, weren't. So why not down to the bingo hall, a natter, meet the friends, some low level gambling, nice prizes with a low entry cost, why not?

What's happened more recently is that we've both become less enamoured of having to go out for such fun and for those who do the smoking ban has made doing so less fun. Combine that with the internet and the silly bingo sites don't look so silly. As indeed they're not given how quickly they're growing.

For now the daughters and grandaughters of those first post war pioneers can sit at home, in the comfort with a vino and an ashtray, no one to tell them off for doing so, and have that bingo game. Plus, of course the virtual natter (the writers of the sites soon found out that it wasn't so much the gambling as the chatting which made for a vibrant site) and this can be done at the convenience of the women, not when someone can be bothered to open the doors to the bingo hall.

Providing millions of people with something better than what went before: not looking so silly now are they these silly bingo sites?

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