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November 18, 2009

Where to find drug treatment

The pressures of this modern world are such that some of us, rather more of us than there probably should be, find ourselves sinking into either addiction or dependency. Neither are conducive to the living of a happy or productive life and thus the rise in the need for drug treatment. It isn't though just those pressures which lead to the increase of those addicted: it's more complex than that.

For example, the huge increase in wealth over recent centuries has made it much easier to be such an addict: whereas once, just as an example, the cost of getting seriously drunk every day was such that very few could afford it, these days just about anyone can. But then that hugely increased wealth also means that the costs of being an addict are, in a different manner, much higher.

For a medieval peasant the costs of being a drunkard were that he slept in the pig sty, not all that different from the mud floor of his shack. Now addiction leads to us missing on the complex and varied joys of the modern world. So addiction is easier and cheaper to achieve, more expensive once we've managed it and well, I think we're beginning to see the rise in the need for drug treatment, no? 

The final part of the puzzle is that we've actually found a number of things that actually work in drug treatment as opposed to what we used to do which was essentially pray and hope. We know that there can be underlying problems which lead to the addiction and these should be treated alongside the addiction itself: what is known as dual diagnosis treatment. The 12 step program we know works, there are drugs that when used carefully can reduce the impacts of withdrawal. Perhaps most importantly we can see that others have been able to recover from their addictions, just the solace that we might need ourselves.

The Pat Moore Foundation offers all of these and more: might be worth clicking through the links to see what they might be able to offer you.

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Family and work problems have also contributed to the increasing drug addiction which in turn has resulted in an increasing demand for these drug treatment centers.

Posted by: maria | Dec 31, 2009 10:57:38 AM