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April 03, 2009

Putin´s dog

Or, the dog ate my tea.....a bit different from the usual the dog ate my homework.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's pet dog gobbled up a special tea prepared for bosses of Russia's ruling party Wednesday.

While Putin discussed ways to help the local food industry, his favorite black Labrador Koni slinked into a room at his residence and tucked into delicacies prepared for leaders of his United Russia party.

"Koni ate everything," said one of Putin's astounded bodyguards.

Putin's spokesman said Koni, who has the run of Putin's Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, had eaten some pastries, biscuits and jellied desserts.

Happens to even the most powerful men, obviously.

But then labradors do have a reputation or doing things like that. There was one I knew which got at the Christmas presents underneath the tree. She ate all the soaps that were being handed around to various female members of the household.

She was fairly ill it has to be said, but not as ill as we all thought she was when she started frothing at the mouth....

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