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December 04, 2007

When Not To Tip

The anwer to "When Not To Tip" is when you've been given lousy service. That's pretty much it really.

Well, OK, there's a more complex answer to the question of when not to tip. First, you've got to work out what are the cultural mores in the place or country you're in.   In Japan, for example there's very little (perhaps even none) tipping so the answer to "when not to tip" is always.

On hte other hand, in the US, tipping is expected in a lot of situations. Waiters, bartenders, bellboys, pizza delivery, croupiers: all are making their livings from tips. So in those situations if you've got reasonable service, tip the normal amount, if good more, an when not to tip is when you've had terrible service.

Does that make it all clear?

Other countries will be somewhre in between the US and the Japanese scenarios. In Britain, for example, you do tip waiters, but you don't tip barmen. And every other place on hteplanet has their own little rules about such things.

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Sure there are different norms for tipping for different countries, but I think you should always tip big no matter where you are. It creates a good impression for Americans.

Posted by: Tony Trepanier | Dec 6, 2007 1:44:58 AM