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June 23, 2007

St. Bobby Kennedy

This'll take the gloss off his reputation, won't it?

"For example, Robert Kennedy personally managed the operation on the assassination of Castro."

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His reputation? Much smarter than his brothers and even nastier: is it the "smarter" bit that's under threat?

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 23, 2007 11:00:52 AM

Well, at least now the total incompetence of CIA will be on display.

Posted by: MikeinAppalachia | Jun 23, 2007 5:49:25 PM

RFK was the best of the Kennedeys, but that's not saying much. Mind you, I've always maintained that they shot the wrong Kennedy brother. Twice.

Posted by: David Gillies | Jun 24, 2007 12:43:32 AM

Apparently the CIA files that will be released this next week were designed to keep US President Ford from being surprised by new revelations. But I wonder if something was still being held back. It doesn't seem like the US government is convinced yet that it shouldn't operate above the law.

- Michael from The Politics Desk at TheNewsRoom.com

Posted by: Michael | Jun 24, 2007 6:23:49 AM