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June 23, 2007

Spice Girls Reunion

The Spice Girls are to reunite for an album and tour:

Eleven years after their debut single, Wannabe, swept to the top of the charts, inspiring fans of all ages to proclaim their eagerness to "zig a zig ah", the Spice Girls finally look set to confirm they are to reunite.

This will mean that Victoria Beckham will be on the road for a few months at least.

So, anyone checked out David Beckham's current personal assistant? Or the LA escort agencies?

More news about the Spice Girls from around the world.

A DNA test has proven that Eddie Murphy is the father of Mel B's baby:

Here's how Reuters announced the birth:

Where are all the Spice Girls now?
The Spice Girls are expected to announce tour dates today:
And the announcement about the coming announcement, as it were:

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