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May 25, 2007

Like to Win a $1,000?

One of the companies I work for as a writer is having a competition. I can't enter because it's one of the companies I work for.

What they want is a song lyric about search engine optimisation. Rules are here.

One entry is here. That one won't win because it's by the boss.

The prize is $1,000 and, just so you know, no, there is no compensation coming to me for telling you about this.

I'm sure that there are some of you who would be able to walk away with this.

Err, correction. Not, in fact, run by a company I work for. So, I could in fact enter, other than a lack of talent in lyric wrting (and yes, I have tried it).

Update: Slight mistake here. That entry on Gloria Gaynor...it's by  the boss but the competition is by another company. So she could win if you were to vote forthat entry....

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