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January 24, 2007

The British and Sex

I think that Daniel Finkelstein (pbuh) has really rather hit the nail on the head  here, showing up the very strange relationship between the British and sex.

Most of the time we have trouble even scaring up a proper sex scandal. I remember it being front-page news when the MP for Finchley went to bed with his research assistant and didn’t sleep with her.

Still really rather old fashioned we are. The scandal is in not having a cuddle and a snooze afterwards (for that shows that one is taking sex seriously, not just treating it as an enjoyable athletic activity).

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It's an 'Anglo' thing. You have MPs caught out wearing fishnet stockings and prancing about at gay parties; we Yanks had Bill Clinton and his Monica. We've also inflicted Ms. Spears on the world.

The French do it all so much better; mistresses are an accepted accessory for any self-respecting politician (Mme. Royale excepted, perhaps), and generally the ladies are quite lovely, too.

The Frogs, they have many shortcomings, but at least show a properly candid approach to 'liasons'....

Posted by: Eric Jacobson | Jan 24, 2007 12:38:54 PM