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January 14, 2007


Has anyone told Donald Trump yet?

THE allure of the trophy wife may be fading.

More seriously, this is something that Chris Dillow discussed recently. Assortative mating leading to a rise in income inequality. As bright and intelligent women go and get those careers that they wish to have (as is of course their right to pursue) we find that they tend to marry those bright and intelligent men who also pursue similar types of careers. We thus have a group of families with two high incomes, increasing the income gap.

What a difficult problem for someone who is both feminist and egalitarian. Which is to be decried, if either? That women now have the same freedoms in work and selection of a partner that men have historically had? Or the effects of this upon the income distribution?

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This is also a problem that the American sociologist Charles Murray has been predicting for years.

Posted by: John Fembup | Jan 14, 2007 2:49:49 PM

Strange terminology. Most people consider the trophy wife to be the second or third wife, young arm-candy, whereas the research refers to full time mothers, which would make East Ham or Tower Hamlets, where few mothers work, the trophy wife capital of the UK.

Is the confusion of the two accidental or deliberate, or has it just been picked up because it makes a neat headline ?

Posted by: a | Jan 15, 2007 12:03:32 PM