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January 14, 2007

Cameron and Europe.


David Cameron has acted to stamp out Tory discontent over Europe by ordering his MPs not to accept a UK Independence Party invitation to sign an EU withdrawal pledge.

I didn't know that's how you did it. Stamp out discontent by telling the naughty children not to do it?

Six Tory MPs have already agreed to the Ukip deal. This states that the anti-EU party will not field candidates against any MP signing up to its Better Off Out campaign.

Patrick McLaughlin, the Tory chief whip, warned MPs in a private email last week: "Anyone who does this is colluding with a rival party and dancing to their tune. Our strong advice to you is not to respond to this."

This isn't quite true. The Better Off Out campaign is entirely independent of UKIP. That it is endorsed by UKIP mkes it as much a UKIP campaign as the Boy Dave (C) endorsing breast cancer awareness week makes that a Tory one.

Elsewhere Matthew D'Ancona makes the point that the next election won't be about Europe. He's probably, sadly, correct, but perhaps it ought to be, eh? Given that 80% of our legislation comes from there, isn't it actually the most important question?

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