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October 26, 2006

Boris on Taxes

I love it when Boris does these pieces on taxes. He goes through all the figures and yet at the end you're always left wondering: what did he miss? In today's it's here:

What is her country doing for her? The MoD has kicked her off the patch — the RAF base — because her RAF husband walked out on her, and, instead of showing any sympathy for her predicament, and the extreme difficulty she has in paying for her rent and her council tax, her MoD bosses are just siphoning the council tax money out of her pay slip as though she had no rights whatever over her own money.

Where's the figure for child support?

The thing is, I agree absolutely with the basic contention: that taxation on the poor is vastly too high. There is no way that someone on half median wage should be paying income tax at all. The personal allowance needs to be raised: a lot. I would, if anyone were ever stupid enough to let me near power, insist that those on less than median wage should not pay income tax at all, as a matter of moral justice. That means a personal allowance around £ 22,000 a year.

Yes, indeed it will blow a hole in the government accounts but then they try to do far too much anyway.

But on the morality of taxation issue: it should be the rich paying the taxes, not the poor. So why do we have a system that insists upon taxing the poor?

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Soaking the rich is moral? Pfft. I too would start by raising the personal allowance, but not because of any fundamental moral principle -- more because it would be a relatively easy sell to the electorate. Ultimately, people should pay for the services they use -- no more and no less.

Posted by: Jon | Oct 26, 2006 10:51:32 AM

If only the rich pay taxes then only the rich should vote. Where is the incentive for the majority to control the spending of government if the government is only spending the money of those people which the majority are in envy of? You need to re-read J S Mill on the tyranny of the majority. I agree that those on the lowest incomes should pay negligible or no tax, but the overwhelming majority must pay some tax. Why should anyone's tax bill run into the millions, you can only buy one invasion of Iraq same as everyone else?

Posted by: DocBud | Oct 26, 2006 3:05:26 PM

I think everyone should pay tax and that it should be based on income, not consumption or spending. That way, those with more income pay more and the poor pay proportionately less. This though happens to be in opposition to tax policy of recent years.

Posted by: Terry | Oct 26, 2006 3:57:44 PM

I think everyone should contribute the same percentage of their earnings, in total. I.e. 15% of everything you earn, from any source.

No taper relief, no allowances, no money back for having kids...etc.

If you are going to let the poor off paying tax then at least find out why they are poor first. Is it fair that someone who has worked very hard all their life has to pay for someone who didn't?

Posted by: Andrew | Oct 26, 2006 6:16:38 PM