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July 02, 2006

90 Day Detentions

El Gordo:

GORDON BROWN is to revive controversial government plans to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days without charge as one of his “early pledges” in advance of becoming prime minister.

In the week of the anniversary of the July 7 attacks on London, the chancellor will announce that he believes increasing the present 28-day limit to 90 days is justified to help safeguard the public.

Apologies for this outbreak of crudity but the one eyed Goblin King can fuck right off. *

What is the point of taking away our liberties in order to fight those who would take away our liberties?

*(© The Devil’s Kitchen).

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If Gordon were actually speaking of taking away "our", or your, liberties, your question might make sense.

Perhaps you would care to rephrase.

Tim adds: In what way is 90 days in hte clink upon suspicion not a reduction in liberty?

Posted by: Mgrump | Jul 2, 2006 6:01:29 PM

But obviously, just like he knows best how to spend our money, he knows what liberties we should have and what we can do.

How can he be wrong? He has our best interests at heart. Surely that makes everything he does okay?

Posted by: Tristan | Jul 2, 2006 7:37:55 PM