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June 06, 2006

Morgan Stanley Vs. Meow

There’s a gentleman out there, a certain Richrad Hill, who works as a Panellist for the National Arbitration Service. Working out who has a right to a domain name and who is simply copying or passing off, that sort of thing.

Flagged up in The Telegraph today and here’s the full judgement. Overlawyered rather likes it too.

Me? I think Mr. Hill fell, in his youth, under the pernicious influence of a shadowy, now dead, figure, known only to the world as "Beachcomber". I just bet he was searching for a way to get a red-bearded dwarf into that judgement somewhere.

Viva Justice Cocklecarrot!

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Not Chelm Rincewind, but Mr Wivens.

Posted by: dave heasman | Jun 6, 2006 11:48:03 AM