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April 21, 2006

Libertarians are Weird

Truly, weird. From Radley Balko’s blog:

Also, just for kicks, here's a video of

Of what? What could it be?

an anaconda regurgitating a hippopotamus.

And these are the people I share a political philosophy with.

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From whence did a (South American) anaconda get an (African) hippopotamus? Small or otherwise. Are South American zoos hippo breeding programs so successful that the excess are fed to the reptiles?

Could it have been a capybara instead?

Tim adds: Damn good point there!

Posted by: Chris Harper | Apr 21, 2006 5:24:11 PM

Its got three (odd number) toes. Hippos are artiodactyls and thus have an even number of toes ... great video, but I suppose the snake ended up dead.

Posted by: johnny bonk | Apr 21, 2006 11:31:14 PM