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October 13, 2005

Wanna Be A Spy?

Here’s your chance to become Jimmy Bond. MI6 is recruiting.

The SIS Fast Stream (IB) recruits high calibre graduates with exceptional interpersonal skills and intellectual capabilities, who are interested in working in an international environment, with periods spent living overseas. Curiosity about political affairs is important, as is the resourcefulness, drive and creativity to produce solutions to difficult problems under testing circumstances.

The role of an SIS Fast Stream Officer is primarily to mount and run intelligence operations to promote and protect British interests and security overseas. SIS does not recruit specialist intelligence analysts – this work takes place under the auspices of the Joint Intelligence Committee in the Cabinet Office.

Successful candidates are likely to have a strong academic record coupled with evidence of interest in foreign peoples and cultures, positions of influence in extra-curricular activities and a commitment to public service. Applications are welcome from candidates with public and private sector backgrounds, those considering a career change, and university students. Age should not be a major factor, but most recruits will be under 35. Undergraduates should not apply until their final year.

Lots of other jobs, linguists, technical types (Q anyone?) and even those who did not progress that far in their education:

Grade 10 (A1 equivalent). A typical job at this level would involve data inputting, retrieval of information, organising meetings and handling enquiries. Minimum qualifications are 4 GCSEs and Grade C and above (including English) or relevant experience.

But most important of all:

Because of the nature of the work, potential candidates should not divulge to others their application to SIS. Failure to observe the confidentiality of an application may affect eligibility for employment.

So if you do send in your CV to P.O. Box 1300, London, SE1 1BD, just don’t blog about it.

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They've been recruiting for years, but they'd been doing it from the main Civil Service website until now.

Posted by: Chris White | Oct 13, 2005 12:55:49 PM

They, or one of their sister organisations, had a recruiting notice up in the Maths Reading Room of my University back in the late 60s. It was rather cleverly worded so that if you didn't see what it meant, they wouldn't have wanted you anyway. Now that education has been hopelessly dumbed down.....

Posted by: dearieme | Oct 14, 2005 4:20:16 AM

Hmmm, Russian speaking engineer with Middle East experience? Whatdya reckon?

Posted by: Tim Newman | Oct 16, 2005 12:43:23 PM