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September 22, 2005

Quelle Surprise.

Here’s a shocker:

In public, for far too long, the British Government likes to operate a convenient political lie when dealing with the IRA’s leadership. The Prime Minister, and the hollow men he has in the past installed at Hillsborough Castle, talk of Sinn Fein and the IRA as if they are two distinct entities. But a lie repeated, even a thousand times, is still a lie.

The reality, according to Ireland’s Justice Minister, Michael McDowell, whose intelligence services run a network of informers within the IRA, is far simpler — Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are the IRA.

“The Provisional movement is dominated and has been dominated up till recently by one body and that is the Army Council of the IRA,” he says. “The IRA carried out those robberies, serious armed robberies, and had a separate fund-raising section. And the members of the Army Council must all have had knowledge of one kind or another of that campaign of robbery and violence and extortion which has kept the organisation going. Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have been members of the Army Council throughout all of the relevant period we are talking about and it is inconceivable that as members of the Army Council they wouldn’t know the finances of their own organisation and what they are based on.”

According to Mr McDowell, Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness resigned from the Army Council two months ago and substituted placemen to do their bidding as part of the backroom deal surrounding the IRA’s July cessation statement. But nothing has really changed. “They (Adams and McGuinness) are in overall control of the movement, and there is no challenge to their authority,” McDowell, who is the equivalent of the British Home Secretary, says.

Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness continue to maintain that they are not on the IRA Army Council and have no knowledge of the IRA’s activities. But it is clear that, according to the Irish Justice Minister, the orders for the Northern Bank robbery came from the top, the IRA Army Council, whose two most important leaders are Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness. It is also inconceivable that the same information and intelligence was not available to Mr Powell and Mr Blair as they offered tea and biscuits to Gerry and Martin across the polished tables in Downing Street.

Nope, no one ever knew that did they? All a complete surprise.

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Yeah, never really understood this "political wing" shit. Imagine if a Mafia boss tried it: "Youse guys can't arrest me; I'm from da law-abidin' wing of da Family; we got da same aims as dose other guys but we don't do nuttin' illegal." Riiiight.

Posted by: Stephen | Sep 22, 2005 1:02:54 PM

mafia is a good choice for comparison..they started out as a revolutionary group too,but crime pays better and it will be (is?) the same for the ira..

Posted by: e m butler | Sep 22, 2005 2:08:25 PM

The IRA will never stop being terrorists. Even if Ulster, by some mischance, becomes part of Ireland, they will continue their barbarism in order to maintain political control of the area.

The only way to kill a snake is to chop off its head. .. and then work your way down to the tail.

Blair doesn't have the balls to do that.

Posted by: Richard | Sep 22, 2005 11:35:22 PM

Dear Sir,

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Posted by: SASANKA S MISHRA | Jul 20, 2007 7:40:11 PM