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September 07, 2005

Great Headlines of Our Time.

Sent in by Paddy Carter:

Evidence emerged today that last month's cut in the cost of borrowing is already beginning to have an effect on consumer confidence, when Halifax, the mortgage lender, claimed that house prices rose in August at four times the rate of the previous month.

That’s fair enough. But the sub who wrote the headline?  Slapped wrist I think:

House prices rise fourfold says Halifax

Or do we impale him on his blue pencil?

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May I suggest he be thrown in the air and impaled on oriental swords “à la mode Ottoman”?

But, wait a minute, the guy might find a purposeful job in Downing Street’s Soviet-style D3 lab a.k.a. Dodgy Dossier Directorate: I’m sure he’ll do wonders notably when it comes to econometric “simulations”!

Posted by: Dr Victorino de la Vega | Sep 7, 2005 4:31:20 PM