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July 09, 2005


What creates wealth?

Trade and the division of labour (with its specialization etc).

We want Africa to  become richer. Thus we want to encourage more trade (both internally and exernally) and more of that division of labour. So we get an agreement (which doesn’t go far enough. Abolish CAP yesterday, for example, would have been a good idea) and  what does Mark Curtis say?

While the G8 agreement commits the richest countries to increase aid and write off the debt of 18 countries, it requires developing countries to pursue a raft of free-market policies. The G8 is united behind this agenda, which Britain has taken a lead in pushing.

Gordon Brown's new deal talks of the poorest and richest countries "each meeting our obligations". Poor countries' obligations are to "create the conditions for new investment" and "more favourable business environments" while "opening up trade". Only in return for these will rich countries provide aid and debt relief and open up their markets.

All good stuff. Of course we should be encouraging the development of conditions for new investment, better business environments and so on. That’s exactly what ended our own poverty (there are those who point to the invention of the joint stock company as the most important part of the industrial revolution) and it’ll end theirs. And there’s no point in sending money to develop an economy if the basic legal infrastructure isn’t there for an economy to develop.

But Curtis thinks this is a bad idea.


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Curtis is a real case for the principle of reversing any statement to see if it makes sense as its negative. That pissed me off too - I somehow doubt the DR Congo's electronic industry is likely to develop far enough to provide the country with phones, before the country has phones. But, apparently, it would be very evil and wrong for them to buy Marconi, or Siemens, or Lucent or ZTE switches, because that would benefit western companies. Bah.

Posted by: Alex | Jul 10, 2005 1:07:27 AM

Why does everyone say that the EU producing cheap food for Africa causes famine Surely it stops famine and getting rid of the CAP would cause more famine aren't the euro sceptics confusing poverty with famine, when they complain the CAP stops Africa selling food to us what is the point in Africa selling food to us if they don't and have any left over and they don't get cheap food from us anymore and they have a famine.
Stop falling for right wing extremist drivel the sort of dogmatists who allowed 4 million Indians to starve to death in the British empire because the free market said the poor should not get food, and the free market dogmatism said the free market will always provide well it won’t why on earth would any country in the world provide food for starving Africans other than subsidies.
Look at the potato famine and the Indian famines, caused by the free market when they couldn't afford our food prices. how does the CAP cause famine how does making too much food cause famine.
The last time we had a free market in Britain in the days of the empire, 1940s India was exporting food while 4 million Indians starved. That is the cruelty of the free market. Why does selling food to a drought stricken country cause famine. Surely we need more food security not less especially with climate change issues.

Why is EU extremism has increased to such levels that anything the EU does is allowed to be insulted without criticism back.
Why are we becoming so ignorant that we forget this mistakes of the past the free market in CAP will not help Africans or Europeans.
Oi forgot everything Britain does it right must remember to keep taking the Tony Blair is always correct pill that all you lot take.

Posted by: Tony | Jul 11, 2005 1:13:58 AM