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April 09, 2005

Go Green, Go Nuclear.

One delightful little figure showing just why we really should be building more nuclear power plants:

Is it safe? No, not entirely. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl demonstrated that, and there are also risks from terrorist attacks.

Then again, the world now has a half-century of experience with nuclear power plants, 440 of them around the world, and they have proved safer so far than the alternatives. America's biggest power source is now coal, which kills about 25,000 people a year through soot in the air.

To put it another way, nuclear energy seems much safer than our dependency on coal, which kills more than 60 people every day.

As the immediate number of deaths at Chernobyl (remember, the worst nuclear power accident ever) was 31, and the radiation induced number in the low hundreds over the decades, coal kills more per week in America alone than nuclear ever has.

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