Who Are We ?

The Low Hanging Fruit Company .

Yes, you're correct, it is an odd name for a company. That's because we are an odd sort of company. We are the only people in the world who specialise in scandium and  related products.

The phrase comes from an American piece of engineering slang. When a new production line has been designed and set up, it must  then be run in test mode to work the bugs and glitches out. This process is known as “ plucking the low hanging fruit”.

This is what we do with respect to scandium. From the mid 1990's, more people have been using more scandium in more products. From high intensity lights, through various laser crystals, to aluminium scandium alloys and the future uses of scandia stabilised zirconia and scandium nitride : we are the people who know who's using it, why they're using it, in what quantities they're using it, and who produces it and what you can expect to pay for scandium. We can also supply you with scandium, scandium oxide, aluminium scandium master alloy and can point you to where to get the more complex products.

In effect, plucking all of the interesting information out of the growing worldwide scandium industry.

We have offices in California, Russia and Portugal, suppliers in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, the UK and the US, and customers in Germany, Austria, Japan, Thailand, S Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, the US and the UK.

So if you are interested in scandium, produce it, consume it, or are thinking of doing either of those things, you really need to be talking to us : The Low Hanging Fruit Company, the world's only specialists in the scandium market.

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