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December 07, 2005

Ultra Allure Pheromones

Yes, it is true that people (both men and women) use smell as part of the way they decide who is sexually attractive.

No, this guy isn’t selling the secret.

timjetmech <vdhjtkojjru@hotmail.com>


As Harry Hutton pointed out, anyway, it’s the smell of cash women love. Keep yours rather than sending it to this dingbat.

You are n0t $atisfied w1th the way y0u l0ok but you still want the best women.
Don’t worry, Ultra Allure Pheromones will take care of everything.
You think there is nothing special about your
friend but he is always surrounded by the prettiest women.
Maybe he is using Ultra Allure Pheromones.


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This company could be a fraud. They take your money but don't know anyone yet who has recieved the "Ultra Allure Pheromones". So be warned. Any money back garauntee they offer could be likely to work as wonderfully (only for their bank balance?) as a non-existent product?

Posted by: Brad Harmer | Jan 17, 2006 11:03:12 PM

If it's real, why not provide some phone contact?

Posted by: young | Mar 9, 2006 8:47:20 PM

I think you may be right about this so-called company that asserts to send you a product. i have recently placed and order with them as well as several others to rate and classify thier committment to customers as well as actual claims. As it stands, Pherlure is tops. Nexus yielded not results. Now, it appears that ultra allure is just plain bogus. Be warned, it is not a legitamite company.

Posted by: Clint | Mar 22, 2007 3:00:21 AM

Ok guys heres the goods on all the ones I've tried. I just received the ultra allure, and tested it this weekend. The results dissappointing. I didn't even get a glance. Next, Nexus pheromones just as dismal. I couldn't get my wifes atttention with that one. Lastly, Pherlure, It has performed or yielded the best results. So much so that after this am headed back to oredr more. I hope this helps.

Posted by: Clint | Mar 25, 2007 5:04:14 PM

Geez its funny I used pheromones for one week but I was attracting tons of women but all ugly all of them ??

Posted by: Pierre Véronneau | Jul 19, 2007 11:23:16 PM

I have been scammed too by Ultra Allure. The product never arrived after weeks of order.
This company or website must be made known publicly of committing fraud on the net.

Posted by: Howae | Jan 5, 2008 10:12:53 PM

The product never arrived after weeks of order.

Posted by: Ultra Allure Pheromones | Jan 12, 2008 12:02:14 AM

i got the product used it for a couple weeks to a month and it actually does work, it makes it where the ones before would not talk to you but now would, kind of odd or it could be in my head but it seems to do some good.. highly recommend it might not garantee you to get laid but it does make it alot easier for smiles and girls to approach you garantee.. dont believe me, try it for yourself, what do you have to lose, i did recieve my product so dont be fooled by others saying they didnt.. really cool product..

Posted by: great product | Mar 6, 2009 4:53:55 PM

This company or website must be made known publicly of committing fraud on the net.

Posted by: cheap cigarettes | Dec 27, 2009 11:58:44 AM

This must be warned people using this.

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